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Our Social Responsibility

Orchestra Land is aware of the construction industry’s effects on the environment and work hard to make our impact as positive as possible. We are committed to, and have acquired, extensive experience in bringing forward sites with a particular focus on limiting the environmental impacts in the short and long terms for both existing and future communities.

We fulfil our ecological responsibilities when developing sites and limit the impact of development at all times, ensuring the environment is enhanced whether by carefully moving any wildlife or endangered species, introducing ‘green corridors’ within development schemes, creating flood attenuation ponds and establishing management schemes for the long term maintenance of new and existing ecology.

Working With Charities

Orchestra Land have donated to LandAid and Mind Mental Health charities in recent years.

The team at Orchestra Land have arranged a number of fundraising events including our annual 50 mile bike ride as well as participating in Tough Mudder assault courses.

So far we have raised thousands of pounds for LandAid and Mind and we look forward to participating in future events that raise money for other charities.

To donate, please go to:

LandAid: here

Mind: here